Legal Advice on Marketing Plan

In 2019, a multinational medical device manufacturer sought expert advice regarding a proposed marketing plan for their products in the United States. Specifically, the client was concerned that the marketing plan may violate US law.

Axiom provided a comprehensive evaluation of the proposed marketing plan taking into account the US Anti-kickback statute and the False Claims Act. This analysis culminated in an authoritative legal memorandum summarizing Axiom’s findings that was completed within days of the client’s request for assistance.

Compliance & Ethics Program Consultation

In 2018 – 20, a multinational medical device company retained Axiom to evaluate various elements of their compliance and ethics program and provide specified services that included drafting or revising over a dozen global and regional policies and procedures. Axiom also drafted polices and procedures for the client regarding policy lifecycle management, sunshine reporting, and grants and charitable contributions. Following a comprehensive analysis of the client’s and sales intermediary anti-corruption management systems, Axiom made specific recommendations on how to remedy system weaknesses and implement an effective third-party management program.