Axiom has the tools and experience to perform comprehensive risk assessments and systems evaluations to determine your firm's capacity to effectively manage its enterprise risks.

Risk Assessments & Systems Evaluations

Understanding your firm’s capacity to reliably navigate the complex and ever-changing legal and ethical landscape is an essential component of effective enterprise risk management. Our risk assessment and systems evaluation methodology helps you rapidly identify key risks, document existing compliance and ethics program elements, characterize their reliability and identify opportunities for improvement. This assessment culminates in stoplight chart dashboards that will help you develop and implement rational action plans to strengthen your compliance and ethics program and your control environment.

Ethical Culture Strength

Ethical culture strength is every firm's most important performance metric. It is foundational to every aspect of business performance. A strong ethical culture grounded in respect, responsibility, fairness, honesty and compassion optimizes employee engagement and stakeholder trust. We help clients measure their ethical culture strength and formulate plans to build and sustain strong ethical cultures.

Anti-corruption Survey

Regardless of how well designed your anti-corruption program may be, one significant challenge you likely have is determining how best to monitor compliance and evaluate program effectiveness. Even with tight controls, there is always the risk that one or more individuals in your organization will engage in corrupt practices and successfully hide their tracks in your financial records. We help clients detect corrupt business activities and monitor enterprise-wide anti-corruption program performance with our proprietary Anti-corruption Diagnostic Survey that is specifically designed to detect corrupt business practices by gathering key data about employee attitudes, social dynamics and observed misconduct.

Capture your ethical advantage

Axiom has the experience and the expertise to provide the services you need to evaluate, build and improve upon any and all aspects of your compliance and ethics program. Contact us to get started today with a Free 1 hour consulation.