Axiom has the tools and experience to perform comprehensive risk assessments and systems evaluations to determine your firm’s capacity to effectively manage its enterprise risks.



Axiom has the expertise to help you develop and implement a compliance and ethics program that fits your firm’s needs that is consistent with federal guidelines and your industry’s ethics standards.



Axiom specializes in delivering highly engaging and informative compliance and ethics training programs via live presentations and webinars to boards of directors, senior executives and employees at every level of the organization.

Jim Nortz, Axiom Founder & President

Driving Ethical Excellence

At Axiom, we believe that ethical excellence is the foundation of sustained superior business performance. It minimizes enterprise risks and creates an ecosystem in which businesses and all key stakeholders flourish. We help firms achieve ethical excellence by building effective controls, promoting an enduring ethical culture and enhancing ethical decision-making.

Recent Projects

The following are examples of recent projects Axiom undertook for our clients.

Capture the Ethical Advantage

There is no more cost-effective way to optimize performance and minimize enterprise risk than by building a strong ethical culture and sound internal controls. Whether you’re a small company that can’t afford a full-time chief compliance officer or a large multinational corporation in need of assistance with one or more program elements, Axiom has the experience and the expertise to provide the services you need to evaluate, build and improve upon any and all aspects of your compliance and ethics program.

Get the Stats...

In today’s highly connected business environment where every decision you make is scrutinized by your customers, the public and the press, an effective compliance and ethics program is not a “nice-to-have” it is essential.

Employees want to work for an ethical company.

94% of employees report that it is “critical” or “important” that they company they work for is ethical. (2006 LRN Employee Survey)

Strong ethical culture vs weak ethical cultures.

  1. Three times more likely to say they experienced pressure to compromise standards
  2. Three times more likely to say they observed misconduct
  3. 41% less likely to report observed misconduct
  4. 27% more likely to say they experienced retaliation after reporting misconduct

*2018 ECI Global Business Ethics Survey

The benefits of having a strong ethical culture.

  1. Higher employee productivity;
  2. Better strategic management; and
  3. Improved business performance.